Our Story

Over the years, we at Amtrix have observed that medical decisions, including medical guidance and drug prescriptions, are often built around the judgements of health professionals based on the patient's oral history, and their own previous experiences. Any kind of medical intervention might have both positive and negative effects. Now, if the judgments about efficacy of a medical intervention are to be of any substance, they must include a more precise comparison of the benefits against the costs.This requires analytics, system of interconnected solutions and technology.

Amtrix Technology came into being with the efforts of two friends who wanted to make an impact in the sector of Healthcare through their backgrounds in Data Science and Information Technology.

Our Identity

Leveraging technology to provide solutions to improving the healthcare system is integral to Amtrix’s work. We seek to build a self-sustaining, data-driven ecosystem that works in tandem with the product line of Amtrix and provides insights and solutions to the ever-existent challenge of making the healthcare system more efficient, more simplified and more accessible.

Our Philosophy

Our approach to Health is holistic.
We believe Healthcare to be not just the administration of scientific knowledge upon a subject; the patient’s body - but rather the coordinated efforts and scientific approaches wherein both patient and physician are actors. Supplemented by the web of care-providers, manufacturers and policy leaders, achieving a better healthcare ecosystem requires an improvement in all of these. We are here to make it better.

Our Beliefs

Efficient Ecosystem

We believe that no part of the healthcare ecosystem can function well without improvements in the efficiency of another. Medical Professionals, Drug Manufacturers, Patients and Regulators all need to be involved together to make evidence-based decisions in relation to Care, Diagnosis and Policy.

Ownership Over Data

We believe in Data Ownership on a personal level with respect to individual privacy. The Data on their medical history should be available and accessible to each person and should be used and analyzed only under their own discretion and consent.

Health Literacy

We believe in people’s right to Health literacy. We facilitate the process of acquiring and enhancing the skills and knowledge necessary to access, understand and use information in order make decisions, and take actions about your own health and healthcare.

Accurate Diagnosis

We attempt to make a real world of accurate diagnosis by providing improved Patient Care Professional Communication in clinical and non-clinical settings to better facilitate the process of proper diagnosis. We provide you a dataset of your own personal medical history, Prescription and diagnostic history through MediVault, your personal medical app.

Our Values


Work at Amtrix is built around an environment of constant collaboration with stakeholders and continuous improvement and iteration at every stage.


Putting people first, be that our team-members or our clients, allows us to practice best methods in improving the company culture, and employee and customer satisfaction.


We uphold the moral values of honesty, social good, mutual trust, respect and responsibility in all our work at Amtrix.


We seek to create the new. This process involves innovating our ways of development, communication and building an ecosystem where evolution is fundamental and constant.


We are here to change the way things work. Our goal is to create sustainable solutions to the challenges in healthcare so we can achieve lasting impacts for the benefit of all people.


The work we do at Amtrix is diverse and multi-faceted. Inspired from Zen Buddhism, interconnectedness is an integral value in our work. We work as the ‘many’, but yet, as One.

Our Team

Ishan Timilsina

Project & Operation Head

Chirag Thapa

Product Head

Prahlad Panthi

Software Engineer

Anjil Shrestha

Software Engineer

Yogesh Maharjan

Web Developer

Rikena Rajbhandari

Sales and Marketing Head

Sarthak Bhattarai

Communications Lead

Bijen Shrestha

Developer Intern

Sanam Udash

Developer Intern

Sushil Ghimire

Developer Intern

Aditya Dahal

Developer Intern