A day in Amtrix: Worklife in Pandemic

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Sworupa Thapa
Research and Content Manager

We have been working remotely for some months now. The situation was kind of worse and it was almost impossible for us to be physically available. However, we could not just stay in our residence forever. We have to stand up someday and try to fit ourselves in any situation. 

Preparing ourselves mentally, we were ready to start our work physically after a period of quarantine and working remotely at home. It was a risky decision but we were ready to accept any challenges that come along our way. The risk rises up the minute we make a decision to step away from home and cope up with the external environment. 

Despite the inconvenience, we started to work physically after having a break of nearly one month. We prepared ourselves with all the measures we could. The team was again back with the same energy and passion. We are maintaining all the possible rules to keep ourselves and our team mates safe. We maintain the physical distance every time, either we are having meetings or having a lunch break. The sanitizer is provided at every desk of the team members. The members are also cared for by the face mask and the face shield respectively. The desks are disinfected time and again. We are doing our best.

With all these possible preventions, still there come some nagging questions on our mind sometimes. Oh is the desk disinfected now after applying the sanitizer? Will it really be effective? Is that coffee machine cleaned huh? Oh Okay is my colleague smiling behind the mask? Are they two gossiping about me hiding in the mask? These are some irrelevant questions that just strike on our minds while we are working. But I convince my mind and try to focus myself on the work not thinking anymore of such stupid questions. 

We are on the new page of our life where we have conceived ourselves with some new habits. Sanitizing time and again, greeting our colleagues by maintaining a distance, having our lunch alone, celebrating our birthday, parties only within a small group, these seem normal these days. 

Accepting these every single habit normally, we are growing, we are learning new things. You know, whatever happens, the show must go on. Likewise, whatever happens, life must go on. 

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