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Pharmedica is a web-based digital inventory management and billing system that enables pharmacy users to register, bill and keep track of each of their products and transactions. With it's rather uncomplicated dashboard, users can view and access accurate records of their purchase, sales, billings and financial transactions, with in-built alerts for expiration dates or low supplies.

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Analytics plays a key role in the inventory management and optimization processes by helping manufacturers and distributors better determine their stocking targets and if there are any upstream or downstream issues that need to be addressed.

Mobile App

Pharmedica comes with its own mobile application where an admin can remotely view the analytics and sales dashboard.

Data Backup

As all processes are cloud-based, Pharmedica provides complete data-backup in case of system failures. This also allows our users to upgrade to online pharmacies with utmost simplicity.

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Medi-Vault is a mobile application that keeps track of an individual’s digitized medical history, prescription history and creates a secure personal EHR. Accessible on both iOS and android devices, the vault allows both individuals and care professionals to access and retrieve relevant data on medical history through patient accounts. It comes with its own notification and alerts relating to use of medication, doses and regular check-ups. Medi-vault provides patients easy access to their medical records.

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Delivering high quality services to healthcare professionals for a reliable and efficient solution to focus on what matters the most. Data security is an integral part of healthcare system, and our technology has made it possible to provide our clients with the best in the industry. Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays the vital roles in formulating healthcare strategy to assure that, our clients can get their on personalized solution for generations to come.

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Our algorithms deal with uncertain dynamically structured and massively distributed data by thoroughly processing them into understandable language. Data collection, patterns extraction and facts from that data are utilized to make inferences for solid decision making of the organizations. Research, innovation, and break throughs continue to drive for better outcomes.

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We believe that health is an ever-learning process for human civilization and technology drives us forward.

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Collect, Identify and Categorize individual patient progress through multiple sources so that they can be used in data analysis.


Inspect, Clean, Transform and Model collected data into useful information to identify issues and support the decision-making process.


Usage of AI in detecting the actual cause of a setback can help stakeholders to formulate best possible solutions to deal with issues.


Implement optimal solutions to help our stakeholders to resolve any existing issues and staying at the top of healthcare industry.