Sales and Marketing Manager

The sales and marketing manager will act as a representative to take the Pharmedica brand (developed by Amtrix Technology Pvt. Ltd.) and take it to a whole new level it deserves. Any activity or situation related to representing Pharmedica and other relevant products, the Sales and marketing manager will be the face of the company if it helps the company to build a brand. The designated person shall also be responsible for taking lead in any business expansion plan related to Pharmedica and providing a proper feasibility plan along with establishing relationships with associated parties.

The sales and marketing manager will also be responsible for ensuring that all the necessary marketing activities that help to boost sales are implemented along with providing a concrete projected plan for Sales and Marketing.

Besides, the designated person will also be responsible for taking care of any media-related activities and handling public relations to ensure that there are no scratches on the Pharmedica brand.

Accountable for:
1.    Meeting Sales Target
2.    Adding Customer Requests to Pharmedica Brand
3.    Maintaining public as well as personal relationships with clients
4.    Pharmedica image in social media and news
5.    Working with local business partners
6.    Establishing and maintaining relationships with Pharmacists and authorities

Key Responsibilities:
1.    Developing and executing marketing strategies to achieve short and long-term goals.
2.    Reporting to the team members, providing market insights and strategic advice.
3.    Developing and implementing market plans to improve cost-efficiency.
4.    Maintain positive and trust-based relations with business partners and relevant authorities.
5.    Develop brand guidelines and make sure that the guidelines are communicated to everyone.
6.    Assessing, managing, and resolving problematic developments, and situations related to Pharmedica and relevant products.
7.    Building and enhancing the company’s public profile at events, speaking, engagements, etc.
8.    Arrange and use strategic market analysis to filter and improve strategic decisions about products inside Pharmedica.
9.    Provide in-depth market, industry and competitive analysis of the current scenario to find out potential opportunities for new products.
10.    Manage content and implement the most effective contents to represent Pharmedica to the masses.
11.    Deploy successful marketing campaigns from ideation to execution.

Working Modality: Full Time
Timing: 9 AM – 5 PM
Qualification: Bachelor or above in Sales and Marketing related Studies
Experience: 2+ years in related field

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